Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Technology Tuesday!

I can still remember the day my awareness began of the issues our Environment is facing. I was in an anthropology course and we needed to find a topic that we were interested in. I had been debating on multiple topics, but the one that stuck in my head the most was this story on Sweden. This story depicted a country with only 1% trash making it to the landfill, meaning the other 99% was being recycled. At that point in time, I couldn't believe it. This inspired me to dig further, and low and behold, I found my passion.

Sweden began their "Recycling Revolution" in the 80's. It began at a governmental level, and began to trickle its' way down to big businesses and to the citizens. Laws were passed, implementations were made on street corners, and now they are the leading country in waste management.

The technology they use to make this happen is an incineration method that produces enough energy to heat and run 810,000 homes. This technology took years to get implemented, but it is not only revolutionizing the waste management world, but it is also creating jobs and bringing in revenue. Sweden has run out of trash and are now importing trash. This importation of trash leads to another source of revenue. The exportation of the material that is produced after incineration is another source. Sweden has the golden ticket to the future of sustainability.

 Photo from: polizeros.com

I can only hope this motivates you, like it did me, to become interested in all the new and exciting ways we can help our environment and show that we are truly missing an opportunity to do some good. Let me know your thoughts or even if you have questions on this. I have been following this for a few years now.