Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Technology Tuesday!!

So I plan on having what I call Technology Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will be posting a piece or system of technology that doesn't get a lot of media attention, even though it can greatly benefit our society.

Today we will be looking at the Tesla Model S. This is an all electric car from the manufacturer Tesla Motors. Tesla is a ground breaking company who has opened their  patent's to the public for, hopefully, gaining new ground and new ideas in the world of electronic cars.

Photo Credit: Autoblog
The Tesla Model S is the first of it's kind. This thing can go from 0 - 60mph in 3.5 seconds, using only a singular working part, the rotor. It has all wheel drive, using two different motors for front and back wheels. The crazy autopilot system that can not only automatically change lanes but is also aware of the surroundings. When coming up on a slowed or parked car too fast the Tesla Model S will give you a warning, while also warning you if you attempt to change lanes with the lane already closely occupied. Now you must be thinking, it has batteries, so if you get in a wreck, this thing is just going to explode! False. The Tesla Model S has cut off switches when an impact is felt. It has gone through multiple National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crashes, each time receiving a 5 star rating.

With these impressive features, we still haven't hit the best one, it is completely electric. This car doesn't use a single drop of gasoline, allowing it to be one of the fastest non-gas powered cars ever created. Depending on the model you decide to go with, the longevity of the battery can range from 208 miles all the way to 270 miles traveled. This allows you to travel relatively far distances without needing to charge it.

This piece of technology could not only change the way we travel, but could also bring about a revolution in the battery industry, two industries in need of a revision.

As a reader, I challenge you to find a piece of technology that is within the confines of green technology that can help improve our society and share it with me! If I find this technology fitting, it could make the next Tuesday Post!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pictures usually say more than words.

This beautiful landscape can be found all across the world. A stretch of road, beautiful greenery, blue sky; the epitome of what any adventurer would like to see. As time progresses, these kind of images will no longer be something you will be able to see for yourself, they'll be just that, images. Taking the time to see this kind of beauty where ever you might be, can go a very long way. It will hopefully instill the same kind of awe it has in me.

When you begin to see the world for the beauty it has, you can see why knowing what is going on in our environment is just as important. You will be informed in which companies are at fault for environmental tragedies or who has been helping to clean up such tragedies. Being aware can influence life decisions, like what appliances you could implement into your lifestyle, the companies you do your primary purchasing from, or even something as large as what kind of car you drive.

So next time you are driving through your area, take a moment to look around at your surroundings. You may be surprised  at what you might notice.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

With Great Power..Comes Great Responsibility..

Have you ever scrolled through news stories, only to come across one that just screams at you, "Why am I not on the front page?!" They would have things like, 'Obama Plays Basketball with Children' but leave out the article of 'Major Oil Spill in Massachusetts, Affecting Hundreds of Acres of Wildlife.' Sometimes, it even takes going outside of the normal United States News Media to find these stories.  This is the motivation behind this blog, Conspiracy Made Green. As a country built on free speech and public awareness, our media is not allowing ground-breaking news to get through to the public in the fashion it should be, so this is where I come in.

I have always had a pension for the environment. I was the kid that ran around bare-foot every day of summer, playing in the dirt, or just basking in the sun. As I got older and realized the kind of impact I alone could have on my surroundings, I started looking into what it meant to be green. With any great quest for knowledge, you will always find the darker side of the information you are looking for. Coupling with my love of the environment and seeing the almost blatant lack of information of what is really going on in our environment, I decided to begin Conspiracy Made Green.

Conspiracy Made Green, will be providing stories that are, so happen to be, swept to a much further page on your news feed, or even never posted. These stories will include things from the not so happy, environmental tragedies, to mind-blowing new inventions that are helping protect and preserve our Earth. The Conspiracy Made Green, will provide unbiased views on these articles, and will be a source for news that most big named companies won’t really enjoy getting to your front page. So if you are wanting to know more about the truth in the media about our environment, please, feel free to comment, or even send me articles you find that seemed to be completely swept under the rug! If the articles pan out, I will even post them with, obviously, credit going to the source who found it!