Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Technology Tuesday!!

So I plan on having what I call Technology Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will be posting a piece or system of technology that doesn't get a lot of media attention, even though it can greatly benefit our society.

Today we will be looking at the Tesla Model S. This is an all electric car from the manufacturer Tesla Motors. Tesla is a ground breaking company who has opened their  patent's to the public for, hopefully, gaining new ground and new ideas in the world of electronic cars.

Photo Credit: Autoblog
The Tesla Model S is the first of it's kind. This thing can go from 0 - 60mph in 3.5 seconds, using only a singular working part, the rotor. It has all wheel drive, using two different motors for front and back wheels. The crazy autopilot system that can not only automatically change lanes but is also aware of the surroundings. When coming up on a slowed or parked car too fast the Tesla Model S will give you a warning, while also warning you if you attempt to change lanes with the lane already closely occupied. Now you must be thinking, it has batteries, so if you get in a wreck, this thing is just going to explode! False. The Tesla Model S has cut off switches when an impact is felt. It has gone through multiple National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crashes, each time receiving a 5 star rating.

With these impressive features, we still haven't hit the best one, it is completely electric. This car doesn't use a single drop of gasoline, allowing it to be one of the fastest non-gas powered cars ever created. Depending on the model you decide to go with, the longevity of the battery can range from 208 miles all the way to 270 miles traveled. This allows you to travel relatively far distances without needing to charge it.

This piece of technology could not only change the way we travel, but could also bring about a revolution in the battery industry, two industries in need of a revision.

As a reader, I challenge you to find a piece of technology that is within the confines of green technology that can help improve our society and share it with me! If I find this technology fitting, it could make the next Tuesday Post!

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