Tuesday, February 17, 2015

With Great Power..Comes Great Responsibility..

Have you ever scrolled through news stories, only to come across one that just screams at you, "Why am I not on the front page?!" They would have things like, 'Obama Plays Basketball with Children' but leave out the article of 'Major Oil Spill in Massachusetts, Affecting Hundreds of Acres of Wildlife.' Sometimes, it even takes going outside of the normal United States News Media to find these stories.  This is the motivation behind this blog, Conspiracy Made Green. As a country built on free speech and public awareness, our media is not allowing ground-breaking news to get through to the public in the fashion it should be, so this is where I come in.

I have always had a pension for the environment. I was the kid that ran around bare-foot every day of summer, playing in the dirt, or just basking in the sun. As I got older and realized the kind of impact I alone could have on my surroundings, I started looking into what it meant to be green. With any great quest for knowledge, you will always find the darker side of the information you are looking for. Coupling with my love of the environment and seeing the almost blatant lack of information of what is really going on in our environment, I decided to begin Conspiracy Made Green.

Conspiracy Made Green, will be providing stories that are, so happen to be, swept to a much further page on your news feed, or even never posted. These stories will include things from the not so happy, environmental tragedies, to mind-blowing new inventions that are helping protect and preserve our Earth. The Conspiracy Made Green, will provide unbiased views on these articles, and will be a source for news that most big named companies won’t really enjoy getting to your front page. So if you are wanting to know more about the truth in the media about our environment, please, feel free to comment, or even send me articles you find that seemed to be completely swept under the rug! If the articles pan out, I will even post them with, obviously, credit going to the source who found it!


  1. Great idea! It's certainly true that environmental news doesn't get enough attention in the United States and attitudes about climate change and alternative energy sources need to change. While the majority of energy used in some other developed countries is renewable, 74% in Germany, only 9.5% of energy used in the US in 2013 came from renewable sources. Better technology exists and there is no excuse for refusing to use it.

    1. Thank you! This is exactly what I am talking about. Most people have no idea these kind of statistics let alone the idea that the US is so far behind in this field. Here's a very interesting article if you are interested: Sweden killing it!